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Financial Questions
& Concerns

  • Support with addressing immediate financial questions to prevent hasty decisions.

  • Support in dealing with changes in financial circumstances.

Financial Health Check

  • Analyze $$ inflow and outflow.

  • Analyze of “$$ owned” and “$$ owed”.

  • Connect outcome analysis with goals and $$ action plan.

Financial Life Planning

  • Co-creation of comprehensive Financial Life Plan.

  • Support with implementation of plan.

About Me


Meet Margriet

With Financial Clarity, my core purpose is to empower, assist, and coach women as they navigate life transitions, helping them
achieve financial clarity. My mission extends beyond that; I aim to enhance women's financial acumen by providing personalized
financial education, coaching, and tailored support for financial planning.

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See where your finances go - with clarity

Our process begins with an introductory meeting to understand your unique financial coaching needs and assess if we're a good fit to
work together. 

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