Financial Questions
& Concerns

   Support with addressing immediate financial questions to avoid hasty decisions.

   Suitable for clients with specific financial questions or concerns that create barriers for achieving financial health.

    Questions & Concerns include:

  • Creating a budget to balance income and expenses.
  • Dealing with debt or unexpected expenses.
  • Dealing with unexpected windfall.
  • Dealing with changes in financial circumstances. 
  • Dealing with finances when getting (re)married. 
  • Adjusting finances to job loss. 
  • Buying a house or car.

Financial Health Check

   Analyses Financial Health, support in setting financial goals and creating financial action plan.

   Suitable for clients who want to focus on their current financials and connect these with goals and actions.

   The Financial Health Check includes:

  • Analyze all in - and outflows of cash.
  • Connect financial health with (future) goals and needs.
  • Suitable for clients with up-to-date financial records.

Financial Life Planning

   Co-creation of comprehensive Financial Life Plan and support with implementation.

   Suitable for clients needing support in sorting and organizing their financial life and who want to actively participate in creating their Financial Life Plan.

   A Financial Life Plan includes:

  • Co-creation of comprehensive Financial Life Plan. 
  • Support with implementation of Plan.
  • Suitable for clients who need support with sorting and organizing their financial planning as well as clients who want an active role in creating their own Financial Life Plan

*Our tailored support might involve collaborating with trusted specialists such as your tax advisor, investment advisor, or insurance

Our Values and Principles

  • We support our clients in bringing and maintaining order in their financial life. 

  • Our goal is for our clients to become capable of independently managing their finances. 

  • We provide objective and rational information. We have no ties with financial institutions and do not receive any third-party commissions.

  • We meet our clients where they are in their financial lives and financial organization and planning needs.

    Integrity and Honesty
  • We maintain honesty and integrity, even if it means having difficult conversations with clients or referring them to other financial professionals.

  • We offer resources and education to empower our clients in gaining financial clarity.

Services We Do Not Provide

We want to clarify the services that we do NOT offer to our clients. These include:

  • Asset Management Services: We do not directly manage or make investment decisions on your behalf.

  • Investment Advice: We do not provide specific advice on individual investments or financial products.

  • Legal Advice: We do not offer legal counsel or services. 

  • Tax Advice: We do not provide tax advice or prepare tax returns.

  • Sales of Any Products: We do not sell or promote any financial products or services.

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